Written by: Geoffrey Callaghan

top ten static website generators

Top Ten Static Website Generators

Here are ten of the most popular and widely used static site generators, each with its own set of features and strengths:

1. Jekyll

  • Description: A simple, blog-aware static site generator.
  • Features: Easy integration with GitHub Pages, supports Markdown and Liquid templates, large plugin ecosystem.
  • Use Cases: Personal blogs, project documentation.
  • Website: Jekyll

2. Hugo

  • Description: Fast and flexible static site generator.
  • Features: Written in Go, extremely fast build times, supports various content types, powerful templating system.
  • Use Cases: Blogs, documentation, portfolios.
  • Website: Hugo

3. Gatsby

  • Description: React-based static site generator.
  • Features: Leverages GraphQL for data fetching, rich plugin ecosystem, high performance, PWA capabilities.
  • Use Cases: Modern web apps, blogs, e-commerce sites.
  • Website: Gatsby

4. Next.js

  • Description: React framework for hybrid static and server rendering.
  • Features: Static generation, server-side rendering, API routes, automatic code splitting, built-in CSS support.
  • Use Cases: Blogs, e-commerce, dynamic web apps.
  • Website: Next.js

5. Eleventy (11ty)

  • Description: A simpler static site generator aimed at developers.
  • Features: Zero-config by default, flexible templating, no dependencies required, fast build times.
  • Use Cases: Blogs, documentation, personal sites.
  • Website: Eleventy

6. Nuxt.js

  • Description: Vue.js framework for universal applications, including static site generation.
  • Features: Static site generation, server-side rendering, powerful module system, automatic routing.
  • Use Cases: Blogs, documentation, modern web apps.
  • Website: Nuxt.js

7. Pelican

  • Description: Static site generator written in Python.
  • Features: Supports reStructuredText, Markdown, and AsciiDoc, plugin support, multi-language content.
  • Use Cases: Technical blogs, documentation.
  • Website: Pelican

8. Scully

  • Description: Static site generator for Angular applications.
  • Features: Leverages Angular’s power, easy to use with existing Angular projects, pre-rendering of Angular applications.
  • Use Cases: Angular-based projects, documentation, blogs.
  • Website: Scully

9. Gridsome

  • Description: Vue.js-powered static site generator.
  • Features: Utilizes GraphQL for data fetching, rich plugin ecosystem, performance optimizations.
  • Use Cases: Modern websites, blogs, e-commerce.
  • Website: Gridsome

10. Hexo

  • Description: Fast, simple, and powerful blog framework.
  • Features: Supports Markdown, large plugin and theme ecosystem, easy deployment to various hosting services.
  • Use Cases: Personal blogs, project documentation.
  • Website: Hexo

These static site generators vary in their programming languages, frameworks, and specific use cases, so you can choose one that best fits your needs and technical preferences.