Written by: Geoffrey Callaghan

jamstack forms

Jamstack Forms

To integrate a Fabform contact form into a JAMstack site, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a Fabform Account:

    • If you haven’t already, sign up for a Fabform account on their website (fabform.io) and create a new form for your contact form.
  2. Design Your Form:

    • Use Fabform’s drag-and-drop form builder to design your contact form, adding fields for name, email, message, etc., as needed.
  3. Configure Form Settings:

    • Set up email notifications to ensure you receive submissions.
    • Customize the success message or redirect URL after form submission.
  4. Generate the Embed Code:

    • Once your form is ready, click on the “Embed” button to generate the embed code.
    • Select the appropriate options for your website (e.g., iframe, script), and copy the provided code snippet.
  5. Add the Form to Your JAMstack Site:

    • Open the HTML file where you want to add the contact form.
    • Paste the Fabform embed code snippet into the HTML file at the desired location. This could be within a <form> element or any other suitable container.
  6. Test the Form:

    • Test your contact form on your JAMstack site to ensure it functions correctly.
    • Fill out the form and submit a test submission to verify that you receive the notification email and that form data is captured accurately.
  7. Style the Form (Optional):

    • If needed, apply custom CSS styles to the form to match the design of your JAMstack site.
  8. Deploy Your JAMstack Site:

    • Once the contact form is integrated into your site, deploy your JAMstack site using your preferred deployment method (e.g., Netlify, Vercel, GitHub Pages).
  9. Monitor Form Submissions:

    • Log in to your Fabform account to view and manage form submissions in real-time.
    • You can also set up email notifications for new form submissions to stay updated.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly integrate a Fabform contact form into your JAMstack site, allowing visitors to easily get in touch with you while keeping your site’s architecture decoupled and scalable.