How To Save Form Data To Google Sheets

We are going to show you, how to create a HTML form and save the form data to Google Sheets.

When you create a website (static,dynamic,progressive etc.), you will need a backend database to store your data.

We will use Google Sheets as our website database to save the form data direct to Google Sheets.

One advantage of using Google Sheets as a database is that Google Sheets is free, can be setup in under a minute, and has plenty of space to save our HTML form data entries.

You can create a Google Sheet here.

Make sure you take note of your Google Sheet ID. How To Find Google Sheet ID as our form handler will need the Google Sheet ID to know where to save the form entries.

How to save form data to Google Sheets

To use our HTML form handler, you will need to modify the sample code and add your public access key that you can get for free here. Submit Form Data To Google Sheets

Create Google Sheets Data Entry Form