Written by: Geoffrey Callaghan

How To Create A Contact Form With React Hook Form

How To Create A Contact Form With React Hook Form

To use react-hook-form with FabForm.io in a React application, you can follow these steps:

  1. Install Dependencies:

    • Install react-hook-form and axios (for making HTTP requests) using the following commands:
    npm install react-hook-form axios
  2. Create a React Component:

    • Create a new React component for your form. For example, ContactForm.js:
    import React from 'react';
    import { useForm } from 'react-hook-form';
    import axios from 'axios';
    const ContactForm = () => {
      const { register, handleSubmit, errors } = useForm();
      const onSubmit = async (data) => {
        try {
          await axios.post('https://fabform.io/f/YOUR_FORM_ENDPOINT', data);
          // Replace 'YOUR_FORM_ENDPOINT' with the actual endpoint provided by FabForm.io
          console.log('Form submitted successfully');
        } catch (error) {
          console.error('Error submitting form:', error);
      return (
        <form onSubmit={handleSubmit(onSubmit)}>
          <label htmlFor="name">Name:</label>
            ref={register({ required: 'Name is required' })}
          {errors.name && <p>{errors.name.message}</p>}
          <label htmlFor="email">Email:</label>
            ref={register({ required: 'Email is required', pattern: /^\S+@\S+$/i })}
          {errors.email && <p>{errors.email.message}</p>}
          <label htmlFor="message">Message:</label>
            ref={register({ required: 'Message is required' })}
          {errors.message && <p>{errors.message.message}</p>}
          <button type="submit">Submit</button>
    export default ContactForm;

    Make sure to replace 'https://fabform.io/f/YOUR_FORM_ENDPOINT' with the actual endpoint provided by FabForm.io.

  3. Use the Form Component:

    • Import and use the ContactForm component in your main application file.
    import React from 'react';
    import ContactForm from './ContactForm';
    const App = () => {
      return (
          <h1>Contact Us</h1>
          <ContactForm />
    export default App;
  4. Style the Form (Optional):

    • Style your form using CSS for a better user experience.

This example uses react-hook-form for form management, and the form data is sent to FabForm.io when the form is submitted. Adjust the validation rules and form structure based on your specific requirements. Additionally, consider implementing additional features like form validation, error handling, and feedback messages to enhance the user experience.