Written by: Geoffrey Callaghan

Hide Email Address From Spammers

Hide Email Address From Spammers

Have you ever posted your email addresses either on your website or placed it somewhere else on the internet only for your email address to be scraped by a email harvester or spam bot.

They go by many different names, spam bots, email harvesters, email address scrapers, email address crawlers etc. It does not matter what you call them, they all have the same thing in common and that is to scrape your email address from the webpage and send you loads of unwanted email messages — in other words they want to send you spam email.

One obvious way to get around this and stop your email address from being a victim of spam, is to use our excellent form backend service.

Since you are providing a HTML form for users to contact you instead of exposing a mailto link. Your email address is automatically protected as you have never published your email address in the first place. Kinda makes sense when you think about it.

We always suggest you use FabForm to create a nice user friendly contact us page on a website. It gives a better U.I. experience along with all the other features and benefits.

If you want to give your users the added option to also contact you by email address. Be mindful about using a html mailto link or publishing a email address even as plain text as that is what these spam bots, email scrapers etc. look for.

One way to protect an email address is too use email obfuscation. Email obfuscation is the practice of disguising email addresses to prevent them from being easily harvested by spam bots, typically by replacing ”@” with “at” and ”.” with “dot” or using other encoding methods.

It’s a subject we won’t go into in this post.

I would like to recommend a very cool tool called VeilMail to hide email address from spammers It may sound a little silly , but how it works is it hides your email address behind a fun scratch card. Yes you read that right — a scratch card.

Your email address is never exposed on the web page to begin with so it can’t be scraped by a spam bot. In the proccess of the end user scratching the surface of the scratch card, at some point, since they have proved they are human and not a spam bot, your email address is fetched from a server and revealed.

VeilMail is fun and will be hide your email address from the spam bots. The other nice thing about VeilMail is that it shares your email address as a link. So anywhere you can place a hyperlink https:// you can share your protected email address.

Try out VeilMail it’s free.