Written by: Geoffrey Callaghan

A Complete Guide To HTML Mailto Attribute

A Complete Guide To HTML Mailto Attribute

The mailto attribute in HTML is used to create hyperlinks that open the user’s default email client with a new email message. When a user clicks on a mailto link, it launches their email application and populates the To, CC, BCC, Subject, and Body fields of the new email. Here’s a comprehensive guide to using the mailto attribute:

Basic Syntax:

<a href="mailto:recipient@example.com">Send Email</a>

Components of the mailto URL:

  1. Recipient (To):

    • Use the to parameter to specify the email address of the recipient.
    <a href="mailto:recipient@example.com">Send Email</a>
  2. Subject:

    • Use the subject parameter to set the email subject.
    <a href="mailto:recipient@example.com?subject=Subject%20Text">Send Email</a>
  3. CC (Carbon Copy):

    • Use the cc parameter to specify email addresses for carbon copy recipients.
    <a href="mailto:recipient@example.com?cc=cc1@example.com,cc2@example.com">Send Email</a>
  4. BCC (Blind Carbon Copy):

    • Use the bcc parameter to specify email addresses for blind carbon copy recipients.
    <a href="mailto:recipient@example.com?bcc=bcc1@example.com,bcc2@example.com">Send Email</a>
  5. Body (Message):

    • Use the body parameter to pre-fill the email body.
    <a href="mailto:recipient@example.com?subject=Subject%20Text&body=Message%20Text">Send Email</a>
  6. Multiple Parameters:

    • Combine multiple parameters by separating them with an ampersand (&).
    <a href="mailto:recipient@example.com?subject=Subject%20Text&cc=cc1@example.com&body=Message%20Text">Send Email</a>

Encoding Special Characters:

  • Spaces and special characters should be URL-encoded. For example, space is represented as %20.

Example with all parameters:

<a href="mailto:recipient@example.com?subject=Subject%20Text&cc=cc1@example.com&bcc=bcc1@example.com&body=Message%20Text">Send Email</a>


  • Some users may have web-based email clients, so the behavior might vary.
  • The user’s default email client must be set up for this to work.

Best Practices:

  • Keep the email link simple for better user experience.
  • Encourage users to use a proper email address in the to parameter.
  • Avoid pre-filling sensitive information in the email body for security reasons.

In summary, the mailto attribute is a useful tool for creating email links in HTML, allowing you to pre-define various parameters to streamline the email creation process for users.


mailto attributes in HTML are vulnerable to scraping due to plain text exposure in the HTML source.

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