Written by: Geoffrey Callaghan

10 Form Related HTML Tags You Should Know

10 Form Related Html Tags You Should Know

Sure, here are 10 form-related HTML tags you should be familiar with:

  1. <form>: This is the fundamental tag used to create an HTML form. It encloses all the form elements.

  2. <input>: The <input> tag is used to create input fields like text input, password input, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc.

  3. <textarea>: It creates a multiline text input field where users can input multiple lines of text.

  4. <select>: This tag creates a dropdown list from which users can select one or more options.

  5. <option>: Used within <select> tags to define the available options in a dropdown list.

  6. <label>: It defines a label for an <input>, <textarea>, or <select> element. It improves accessibility by associating the label with its corresponding form element.

  7. <button>: This tag creates a clickable button within a form. It can submit the form or trigger other JavaScript functions.

  8. <fieldset>: It groups related form elements together and creates a visual boundary around them.

  9. <legend>: Works with <fieldset> to provide a caption or description for the grouped form elements.

  10. <form>: The <form> tag wraps around all the form elements and defines the start and end of the form.

Understanding and effectively using these tags is essential for creating interactive and user-friendly forms on websites.