form backend service

The smart form backend service for developers

Use your own form code. Submit to our endpoints. We'll handle the rest.

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Fabform Forms match your website CSS.

Super easy to integrate,no library, dependency needed

Form backend handling is not meant to be difficult. Fabform gives you the ability to integrate your HTML form with all the major development frameworks, JAMStack, no-code and CMS platforms.

Powerful Forms Backend Service. No Server Code required.

Easy setup. Simply set your form’s action to our endpoint, add unique names to your form fields and your done!

How it works

Here' what happens after your form is submitted.

With our form captcha spam is blocked

We validate your form data server-side and use A.I to protect you from spam

Email notifications and auto-responses are sent

Create customized email templates

Form submissions are saved to the FabForm Universal Inbox and can be sent to Google Sheets, Airtable.

View form submissions, see daily analytics reports, and export to CSV or JSON

3rd party integrations are triggered

With our direct integrations - we'll get your data where it needs to be - no Zapier required

Works with Airtable, Email, Google Sheets and others.

Our forms backend service works with wix, duda, webflow, static site generators like Hugo, Jekyll, Eleventy, Gatsby and other CMS platforms.